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A Confession

I want to start with pouring out my heart because I want my intentions to be clear. I do it for you, but mainly I do it for myself.

First of all, I know this is a lot of stuff. And even then...much less than I would have liked. There are just so much to teach. Maybe there is a proper course to be created at some point. I course where I write out everything I learned about this amazing art called, Selling.

I also want to think that the amount of value I'm presenting here doesn't just come from my insecurities but my passion for the art, for you, and for the differnce, we gonna make on this earth.

I know that maybe most people will just close this window saying: "Phew, I'm not going to read that!" It's totally cool! But if there is one folk, like I was. And if this will help that folk to build a full practice faster, I'm happy.

This study presents a recent part of my journey at the end of 2018. I can thank so much to coaches who mentored me directly and indirectly over the years. I'll be vulnerable and present to you this study by the best of my abilities at this time.

So, as this is a long study, (several hours), bookmark this page so you can consume it over time.

And if you found it useful I appreciate your, feedback, testimonial, criticism, and even sharing it with those who you think would benefit from it.


  1. Lesson 1 - Sleazy No More!
  2. Lesson 2 - The Real Purpose of Enrolment
  3. Lesson 3 - Know Your Client
  4. Lesson 4 - It's All About Service
  5. Lesson 5 - Leading Into Enrolment
  6. Lesson 6 - The Proposal
  7. Lesson 7 - Conclusion

I wish you good learning and let's crack on. 🙂

Lesson 1

Sleazy No More!

The most common question I hear; "How could I sell my services without being pushy?" And it makes sense. You're a coach. You help people. You chose this beautiful profession to give to make others lives better. And here you are...TAKING.

This is a natural part of a coach's development. Most of us didn't come with a positive money mindset and solid business knowledge. I definitely didn't come with it. And it definitely took more time than I would've wanted. I was super frustrated. I felt like a taker and a fraud.

There is a good news! All of this is learnable. But you have to persevere! You have to keep in front of you why you started. And you have to invest the time, effort and money into yourself. You have to appreciate failures again. You have to adopt a special mindset; The Beginners Mind.

What lessons did I learn?

  1. Wealth is a byproduct of service
  2. Selling can be authentic, even a great service
  3. In this day and age, nothing commits people like money
  4. And if you fail to create commitment you'll let your clients down

So here is my motivation. I want you to see clearly how enrolment goes. I want you to pass the struggle as fast as you can. I want you to cut the time into half.

But me wanting is not enough. This is a 200% journey. I give 100% and you give 100%. That's the only way you'll get the most out of this study.

Lesson 2

The Real Purpose of Enrolment

The 5 Purpose of The Enrolment Call

  1. Make what they secretly dream of a clear possibility
  2. Help them feel the cost and the reward of this possibility
  3. Support them to make a responsible choice
  4. Help them become resourceful
  5. Create a rock solid commitment

One of the misconceptions; Enrolment is different from coaching.

Okay, it is different in structure and context, but in essence; Enrolment is coaching. And if you do it well, it'll be the most powerful coaching you'll ever give.

Once you'll be crystal clear on the real purpose of the enrolment, everything will transform.

  • You'll be in ease talking about money
  • You will be transparent with your clients
  • Your clients will be grateful for your service

You're like Gandalf telling Bilbo; "Yes, Mr. burglar, you gonna journey through Middle-earth, and even face with a fire-breathing dragon. Yes, you can do it. I believe in you!"

As Bilbo, your client is about to make the decision of their life. Your job is to be there for them.

Lesson 3

Know Your Client

As you might already get what I'm trying to teach. I'm trying to show a heartset (heartset = mindset of the heart); A way of being, you come from.

The challenge here is to slow down in order to speed up.When you want to "make" someone to be your client you also make some nasty mistakes. You're in a rush. You don't build rapport, you don't serve deeply. You just think about; "When I'm gonna have money?" This is not a good place to come from. You're too attached. You're needy.

Slow down and start caring. Start seeing people as feeling human beings with pains and dreams. Remember we're in the relationship business. Don't rush. Building relationships take time.

What I did with Ali, I slowed down. Prior to contacting him, I made research, I engaged with him via Facebook posts, and I took 25 minutes to craft a real heartfelt invitation. I've spent almost an hour overall with approaching Ali with quality.

Ali Zakaria works as a respected judge in Egypt. He is the founder of "A space To Be", an event for people to retreat from the world and simply be.


His mission is to make the voice of happiness lauder than the depressing noise of society. In his book; "The Forgotten Art of Happiness", Ali teaches that happiness is more than just a choice, it's a mindset.

Something that stroke me about Ali is his drive and willingness. He is willing to go where most people don't. This is one of the qualities that I most search in my clients. A client who is willing is ready for transforming her/his life.

"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have." ~ Tim Ferris

In this study, you'll see Ali modelling a fierce vulnerability. If you want to learn more about the power of vulnerability, check out Brené Brown and her famous Ted Talk; The Power of Vulnerability.

Lesson 4

It's All About Service

What do your clients really buy? Do they buy your time? Do they buy your ability as a coach? Do they buy accountability for themselves? Do they buy a promise or a feeling of certainty?

Coaching is not like buying a pair of shoes. In my opinion not even how most people buy different therapy sessions. I don't charge for my time, I charge for their dream. My time only worth so much, but their dream is priceless.

The main shift was to me when I realized that people really buying Trust.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Trust in me, trust in their new-found perspective, trust in themselves, trust in the relationship. So for you as a coach, you have one job; to become a trusted advisor.

In today's world, everything is transactional. Everything! Everywhere! If you get an hour from someone you at least give a testimonial or something.

Sometimes people are startled when they hear that I spend 70% of my time serving for free! Often I give 2-3 sessions to someone before we even mention working together. And often I serve someone to months till they become a client. Now, this is not a rule, but it makes all the difference!

This level of generosity startles people, confuses them. One of my clients said it beautifully:

"This is not very common in today's world, Viktor, right? To give so much time to someone. And to help someone for free. To be honest, I feel a bit of guilt taking your time and I feel deeply touched by it. I'm moved by I guess, being given."

So I dare to argue! But I do that with absolute certainty. Your competitive edge is not your skills or rate. Although those are also important. Your competitive edge is the level of your service.

An Example

I knew that Ali is an ambitious author. I see his posts about "The Forgotten Art of Happiness". I just love how consistent and creative he is with marketing his book.

So I've met with my dear friend David McCrea, who is an ambitious author too. He just finished his second book "Author Your Life". I knew he learned a lot and have a few gems of wisdom to Ali beyond what I could give.

I connected them Ali could have chosen to work with David.
Service beyond ego.

Lesson 5

Leading Into Enrolment

On this webinar, you'll see me going very deep with Ali. You can think about the first part of enrolment as coaching around dreams, obstacles, gaps, and cost. Remember what I was saying about the purpose of enrolment. Observe how I help him to see new possibilities.

A simple question I used here many times; "What else?" This question invites more options. When the client think he listed everything, often you still can go one or two level deeper. And these last ideas are often the ones outside the box.


Lesson 6

The Proposal

After the webinar, we followed up with Ali. I knew that was already a "Hell-Yes" to the coaching. But I also knew he has some money objections too.

You can think about the second part of the enrolment as coaching around commitment and resourcefulness.

The money talk. It's scary, right? If not for you, almost always it'll be to your client. It supposed to be. I mean, think about it. They are looking to step into the unknown. They are about to make probably the decision of their life. And pay an amount of money that's uncomfortable, bringing up all the contractive money beliefs. It is high pressure. And your job is to know how to handle it.

Some advice about the proposal:

  1. Have a menu of prices and programs
  2. Practice saying your number
  3. Say it and shut up. Wait for them to react
  4. E.g.: "I want to create 10K a month" You can reference your proposal off of that

Observe how in this conversation I help Ali to become resourceful. We brainstorm on the ways he could create money. I'm even asking a quite edgy question: "If someone would put a gun to your head, how would you create that money for your dreams?" It seemed work for Ali very well.

Ali came from "I cannot afford it" to "I have the money". Also, you can observe how I challenge him to create strong commitment.

Lesson 7


You took your time to learn about the art of selling. I want to applaud you and personally thank you for getting to this point. We followed through this beautiful journey with Ali and me. And probably you also feel much closer to us as you were walking along.

I almost always end my coaching sessions with three questions. The clever in these questions that they are questions, so you get to create your own answers. Take your time to answer them. This is for you!

  1. What was most important to you in this study?
  2. How will you bring that into the world?
  3. How do you want to held accountable?



We learned many things throughout the study. Now you know that enrolment is the biggest service and the most powerful coaching you probably gonna ever give. And when we understand the true purpose of enrolment we don't have to feel we're taking; we can be authentic. You also learned that we are in the relationship business and the currency we work with is trust. You saw examples to deep coaching and enrolment and now you know that they are actually the same. And hopefully, you're more in the ease with hearing a 'No' as you understand that it's just a start of a new conversation.

"Knowledge without action, is like having no knowledge at all!" ~Ted Nicholas

If this was helpful to you don't stop here. Act! Bring what you learned into the world. Change lives one conversation at a time because you know that coaching is a chain reaction; everyone you help will help someone.

And if this was useful, share it with others. Express your appreciation. Or if you think it was rubbish, tell me that too. Express your opinion. Ask questions. Express yourself! Do something!

thank you again and speak to you soon!


With much love,

Viktor Sághy


Enrolment Cheat Sheet

Download the 8 step Enrolment Cheat Sheet. The same guide I sometimes use for my enrolment conversations. For each step, I collected the best reminders and questions to ask your prospect. I wish you good service and successful enrolment!


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