December 18, 2018

How to Find Your Coaching Niche?

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Q: I'm frustrated because I don't know my niche. How do I find my niche?
A: I get you. It can be a very scary subject for coaches. And sure, knowing your audience is important.
  • If you want to be a person on a mission
  • If you want to create the right content and service
  • If you want to touch your audience by their soul
You have to know your people.
But this idea of finding your niche can be very distracting. And it can be an excellent way to procrastinate on your mission. The problem is that niche often feels like this big-ass, hairy-scary monster lurking in the bushes. Even just saying "niche" can make you twitch and doubt yourself.
It can be an excuse to solve non-existent problems.
For example...
You may want to have a better niche;
when your clients are...
  • not committed enough
  • not paying enough
  • not 'getting it' enough
  • not interesting enough
  • or most commonly...there are not enough of them
And you trying to solve the 'enough' problem by finding your niche.
The reason many of these "Finding Your Niche" exercises fail because they are only theoretical. If you want to find your niche you have to go the other way. You have to go practical and theorize later.

Serving, Technique, Mindset

The problem is actually not a niche problem. It's a serving, technique, and mindset problem.

I. Serving

The only thing that your clients will ever need to know. "Can you help me?" Instead of focusing on how can I 'get' clients, focus on serving. Helping someone is the only way of creating clients and the best way to eliminate doubts.
Whenever you're scared and confused, you need to ask better questions.
In this case...
"How can I be useful to someone today?"
Essentially everyone with a problem is a premium client.
A really good book on this topic:
When All Boats Rise - 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice

II. Technique

You can have all the good intentions but if you don't know how to get people into conversations, you won't gain the experience you need. You'll learn your people by gaining experience of them. Also, that's the only way you will become a better coach.
There is a lot we could talk about here. For the sake of length, I'll give you a simple example of an online invitation. I'll call our prospect, Michael.
It's important to note that this is not a cold script. Remember we're in the people business and they will only reply if you treat them as such. Be curious, do your research, engage with them and take your time.
So, here it goes;
"Hey, Michael. Congratulations on your book! I found your post in the XY Facebook Group. How was your book received so far? Writing a book requires a lot of work and dedication, so I have huge admiration for people who do it.
I might be completely off base here, and even inappropriate sending you this. If it is, please, let me know. I see that you’re a coach and up to great stuff. But maybe creating clients hasn't been as effective lately as you want. If you resonate with this, maybe I have a few ideas that will really help you out. Let me know if this is valuable to you and we can schedule a call. No strings here. Just an offer to a genuine conversation."
I did a couple of things:
  • I introduced myself and built rapport.
  • I made the message very gentle and apologetic. I addressed every objection in advance.
  • I created an opportunity. In this case, it's a pain-point, but it can also be a simple invite to make things better.
  • I offered a clear value; "I might have a few ideas that will help you".
  • And I made the invitation very easy.
Inviting people offline is similar. Handle the objections, elicit a need, and make an easy offer.

III. Mindset

Many coaches are mind-blown when they realize that their people are THEM. They struggle with the same things, haunted by the same doubts and have very similar aspirations.
That's why it's important to do your own inner work.
You know, the purpose is a weird paradox.
  • Your deepest struggle
  • Your highest mission
  • Your heaviest cross
  • Your most profound lesson
  • Your most shameful weakness
  • And you most unique strength
That childhood trauma that has been affecting your life, is likely the very thing, that will drive you to change the world!
And because you and your audience are so similar, you can understand them.
And your leadership is to step forth, speak up.
When you're one step ahead of someone you can mentor.
When you can understand someone you can coach.
You need only your two ears and one mouth. And you need to use them in this proportion. Listen, ask're a coach, just do your job.

Let's Go Practical

Now let's go practical. As you might figure you learn about your audience by doing your work. But how does it look like? Here are the 4 steps I used, to learn my niche.
The 4 Steps To Find Your Niche
STEP 1. - Learn how to invite people into conversations and fill your calendar.
STEP 2. - Stop worrying about the niche. Put your focus and energy on shameless-serving.
STEP 3. - Coach your ass off and take notes of every single conversation. Write a Coaching Notes.
STEP 4. - After 50 conversations you'll know who your people are.
Page up your notes and there are all their secret dreams and struggles. Now you know who you like to work with and who you can help the most. You have an abundance of content idea. You know what service or product they need. You through this process you'll get way closer to find your writing/speaking voice.


Whenever you find yourself stressed out because you don't know your niche, ask better questions. It's not a niche problem, but a service, technique and mindset problem. Go practical. Step out the old and serve people. The best thing to know your people is to have a conversation with them.
Practice will not just help you know your people but will make your coaching better. As you will be better, you'll have more clients and the niche likely won't be a question anymore. Now go out and serve someone! I believe in you.
I always send clients and prospects useful material. Feel free to take this and share with someone who would benefit from this approach of "finding your niche".
with warmth,
Viktor Sághy
Intuitive Coach

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