Heart School Course

Listen to your heart

I bet you heard this before. It even became a commonplace. But it works! That's why I'm fascinated by it.

Slow down and focus on your heart. Let your thoughts come, stay, and pass; like clouds. Let your mind do its monkey business. Just be. Ask a question and your heart will answer.

The heart gives the perfect analogy to how to love. Your heart nurtures itself first with the blood and then tirelessly nurtures the rest of your body for the rest of your life. To truly love others you have to learn to love yourself first. I find this physically based truth very beautiful.


In this 3 Lesson Course, you'll learn a bunch about your heart and every cool stuff that comes with it.

Living From The Heart

Whenever you are stressed and lost, it's because you are up in your head. In the first lesson, you will learn how to drop into your heart. Living from the heart is your most authentic and resourceful state. And you can access it through this meditation. It'll be a basis for our future lessons.

Could You Let it Go?

In this lesson, you will learn the art of letting go. Whenever you're anxious or out of alignment, you are in the strong attachment. You either in crave or resistance. Letting go doesn't mean you'll be passive. Quite the opposite! You find back to your innate-playful-inspired nature.

Intuition on Demand

Let's demystify intuition. Our conscious knowledge is only 5% of the information we process. The remaining 95% of the information is stored in the subconscious and even more in the super-conscious. Intuition is a different way of perceiving information.

Think about it! There is a heart, living, beating just for you...from the day you born till the day you die. You have a heart, therefore you deserve happiness. It's your birthright. You have a heart beating just for you in all of your life.

You are never alone!

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