November 20, 2018

7 Game-changer tips on Weight-Loss

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I found this written in some of my old notes.
"Self development should be an art and not a hustle"
Why someone would go for a weight loss Journey? Sometimes for better health, sometimes to feel better, sometimes for the journey itself. You don't need it in order to be happy and okay with yourself. You're already that. And you can have it, if that's what you really want.
I had times when weight loss was a goal to fix myself. There is no problem with that, as it gave me tremendous drive at the beginning. But you know what, it doesn't fix anything. At the same time, if it's truly within you. It'll fill up your life with joy. Not the weight loss but expressing yourself.
For a long time I felt shame for wanting to get lean. Then at one morning I realized that by suppressing my desire, I suppress one side of me. Once I accepted it; It felt deliberating! "This is who I'm. You're free to think what you want! I'm free to do what I want."
A true journey is full of challenges. I know as I went through most of them. When we see before-after pictures we get under the magic of it. We tend to feel inside that it must be the result of a heroic overnight effort or that person has something special. The illusion is shatters after we see the journey for ourselves.
There are 7 tips which were game-changer for me. If you are about to start your own journey you'll find these very helpful.

1. Never drink your calories

Most people wouldn't think how easy it is to load up with calories by drinking them. Not just that. They are lacking the same amount of fibers as solid foods have. Take for example the orange juice. Although this is one of the healthier choice, we have to be mindful with it. For example 250 ml orange juice equals 3 normal oranges or 6 teaspoons of sugar. Now the big difference is that 3 oranges probably fill you up while the 250 ml orange juice not. And fiber will help the whole digestion process.

2. The real "magic pill"

Psst. It's secret. It's everywhere and no one talks about it. It's proven to work and you know what, it's cheap! Does it sound too good to be true? It sounds good and it is true. Okay, after such a warm-up lets present the "Vegetables".
Lettuce, tomato, carrot, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, all sorts. Maybe you say "yack!". I'm a predator and not a rabbit. That's fine, but believe me that it's partly a habit you can change. If you feel quite resistant to it, chose your weapon and start with introducing the ones you like. Add a big salad to your every day and you'll see that it's a real game-changer. Vegetables are usually very low on calories, full of fibers and vitamins. Personally I like to chop together a huge bowl salad for two days ahead. Or my quick prep is cooking asparagus by pouring boiling water into a heat resistant food container and closing the lid for 7 minutes.

3. It's not just about diet

This is a mistake I've done before. While 80% of weight loss is about the diet, sometimes the 20% can make all the difference. If someone is lacking a stimulating amount of movement, that person will have a slow metabolism to work with. One of the first thing I would recommend to someone starting a weight-loss journey is to get familiar with the weights. A appropriately challenging workout routine will amp up the metabolism which will turn up the fire under the fat. "But I'm not in the mood". Find a trainer, find a friend, find someone or something who will hold you accountable to this habit. Especially at the beginning. After one or two months you'll miss it. Even if your arms and legs are sore you'll want to go back to the gym.
The weird dynamism is that at the beginning people are low on energy due to lack of movement. This lack of energy manifests lack of motivation. After you start to put some demand on your body, it'll make up for the added energy expenditure. As a result you'll feel more motivated to wake up and go to the gym every day. Not to mention that regular exercise will help you to balance your hormones, and alleviate stress which are also key contributors in a weight-loss journey.

4. The clever side of sweets

We all know very well that maybe not a good idea to eat a table of chocolate as a diet. Although I knew someone who believed in it.
For some people it can be beneficial to cut out carbs altogether. The ketogenic diet has some strong benefits. It teaches the body to use fat for fuel instead of using carbs. It suppresses appetite, gets you off of sugar addiction, reduces inflammation, good for mental clarity, improves metabolism and insulin sensitivity. And just a secret. It is beneficial against epilepsy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease as well as starves the cancer cells. This is a whole other topic.
For others it's may not the diet that you need or want. Not everyone wants to be so strict with carbs and maybe not everyone should go as low on carbs. I've done it for a year and not I don't do it now, but I took some super lifestyle changes from it. These changes helped me to be a bit more clever with sweets and carbs. Now I can have a bit of treats even on a heavy cut as long as I'm reasonable with it. With these changes, you will meet new tastes but keep up! Believe me, you'll get used to it after a month or so.
Don't fully withdraw the treats, find better treats. Fruits are the best choice of treats. Berries are particularly low on carbs. If you want something more conventional, dark chocolate is my goto. I have a little bit almost every day. The higher cocoa content it has the better. As well some whipped creams you can buy actually quite diet friendly. Check the labels. Use quality sweeteners instead of sugar. Stevia is one of the best, but there are other quality sweeteners out there. I personally use Splenda which comes in a quite big package. The next tip is not about sweets but huge change on carb front so I have to mention. Cut the bread! It is strange to don't have it at the beginning, but believe me you will get used to it. I came from a culture where we ate bread for almost every meal and now we don't keep bread at home. I still have pasta and sweets

5. Measure consistently

It seems simple and easy to miss. There is no "one" answer in weight-loss, but not being consistent is the one I would chose. Definitely one which was hindering the results coming for a long time. I remember, I wanted to get lean fast...or to be honest, I wanted to get lean now. I can tell you by years of personal experience and a lot of trials that the fastest way is the patient one. I've tried out many quick-fix which didn't bring me very far. We see this trend all over in the fitness and nutrition industry. "10 pounds in 1 week" Bullshit! I mean it's possible, but don't expect to get a healthy, good looking and having sustainable results. These commercials make a lot of harm in my opinion. Believe me, I've done the one week diet, or the 21 days diet, and even no eating diet. Say no to easy solutions which promise of "paying" your way out without real effort.

6. Go step by step

Put your scientist hat on and grab your work-pants because if you're serious about this, you'll need to measure and progress step by step. That 10-25 pounds you want to lose will be an accumulation of 1 pound break troughs over a long period of time. First establish a calorie base-line and test it for two weeks. If your weight hasn't changed you found your calorie base-line. Once you have that, progress step by step. Either subtract a 300 kcal or add more activity to your weekly routine. Don't change it till your weight plateaus. Then adjust again, going in this fashion gradually progressing. Prepare that maybe you'll do it for the next 6-12 months. Don't get discouraged. Remember, slowing down will get you there faster and will result in a much sustainable result. Whenever I feel intimidated by long-term investment of work I remind myself this thought. "You can decide now, who you will be 5 years from now. The 5 years will come anyway." Start it now, the challenging part is starting the ball roll; after that you'll feel it rolls on its own.

7. Reach out for help

It's absolutely fine to ask for help. There are many way you can support yourself. Ask a friend to join, preferably someone who is as dedicated as you or even a bit further down the line. Find someone who you trust and already achieved what you want. Ask for some help, you'll be surprised, they'll be happy to help. They are there because they are passionate about the subject and likely came over some pitfalls that occurs on the road. If you're really serious, the best way to proof your results is to hire a trainer or coach you trust and resonate with. Find your community. Reach out to groups who are on the path, they'll remind you to keep up when you're missing motivation. Online communities are useful. My experience though is; the more in person the community is the more you'll feel supported.
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