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Intuitive Coaching

Intuition is one of those words that people throw around a lot. If you ask every entrepreneur "How did you come up with this idea?" They will just say - "I had a gut feeling".


Intuition is an ability to tap into the subconscious. Which is quite different from the logical mind. It's more based on emotions and bodily sensations and to be quite frank...unknowingly it's running the show.



As you'll increase the level of awareness and responsibility in your life, the quality of your life will improve. "Be the change that you want to see in the world"


The mind is a good servant but horrible master. Believing our own stories makes life hard. Learn how to be a master of your psychology.


Everything in life is relationships. A relationship with ourselves, with others, between ideas, between organizations. The number one is with ourselves.


Your body is your battery. Snap out of the draining habits and learn how to charge it with vitality. So you can do what you're passionate about.

Viktor's unique gift is that; He can see what's just beyond what I can see. He then can present that in a way that's both safe, challenging, and empowering. With him, I feel like I don't need but I want coaching. This makes him different from most coaches. I appreciate that he tailors his coaching style for me, not for him. He pays attention to what works for me and acts on those.”

~ Adinah Barlow, CEO of Lifelong Wellness

"I came from a fundamental belief that money is hard to get. My family struggled with money and I kept struggling with money. But how will you manifest abundance from a Deep Feeling of scarcity? Impossible!

If you take that ONE first step – even though it feels huge – you will find that you can create abundance in your life! Trust YOURSELF. If you’re scared – do it anyway. It’s the best indicator that you’re on the right path."

~ Natascha Young, Opera Singer & Coach

Viktor has shown me the ability within myself to begin overcoming some of my most long feared personal demons. The progress I’ve made in my life since marks a major turning point in my life. For the level of help and inspiration, Viktor gave me, words cannot do justice. I am so grateful. I cannot recommend enough."

~ Tom Wright, Chemistry student

“Viktor is a value giving machine. When you want to achieve a goal as your coach he becomes more committed to your goal than you yourself.
He provides you with a lot of information and connections that can help you reach your goals. He is obsessed with his clients. Absolutely happy to know and work with him

~ Ali Zakarya, Judge, Author & Coach

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How would the world look like if everyone know they are already complete and resourceful? Wouldn't it be the most uplifting reality? We're all very passionate about this vision. Join to the innately whole movement, because with you with you we're one step closer to make this a reality.


Everything you want is already within

We're all sitting on innate mental health and potentiality. The secret is simple. Actually, so simple that people tend to pass right next to it. In opposed to regular self-development we don't have to add anything to ourselves in order to tap into all of our potentials. We are powerful beyond measure. This subtraction process is the alchemy of your essence.

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